Frequently asked questions

Is the sound in "mono" or "stereo" ?

Stereo of course !

The recording function is via audio jack ?

Yep. It's that simple.

Is there any guarantee for my player ?

Sure there is. A one year guarantee.

Can I make some modifications on my cassette player ?

Yes. But we don't recommend it. Also, it won't guaranteed any more...

How long does the battery charge last ?

Up to 10 hours.

I am an owner of a store / distribution centre / buyer / sales agent, how do we get in contact about selling We Are Rewind cassette players?

First of all, thank you for your interest in working with We Are Rewind! For inquiries regarding retail partnerships, please contact us at :

What should I do when an item is defective upon receipt?

If, unfortunately, you receive a defective article, please send us a photo by email and we will open a procedure to process your claim. This procedure will be done by exchange of emails. If an article becomes defective after a certain period and certain use, please contact our after-sales service at

How do I return an item for a refund?

Please contact us by email at before returning your product. If, after agreement of both parties, you return a product to us, please attach the invoice to the package and send it to the following address: WE ARE REWIND 36 rue des 3 frères 75018 Paris France Please note that the goods returned remain your responsibility until they are delivered to WE ARE REWIND. We recommend that you choose a delivery method with a tracking number and which, depending on the value of the product(s), can also be insured.

What are the technical specifications of this player?

- Bluetooth 5.0 stereo transmitter with on/off switch - Stereo Player/Recorder with auto-stop (no Dolby) - 3.5mm stereo headphone jack - 3.5mm line REC jack - In-built microphone for 'Quick-Start' recording - Rechargeable battery - USB 5.0V DC charging cable - Compatible with all types of cassettes. - Bluetooth codecs supported: AC6925
- Frequency response : 200~20,000Hz

Is it possible to retrieve the audio signal from a cassette via the headphone output to digitize it on a computer?

As long as there is relative software PC, it can digitize audio signal from tape.